Artificial intelligence training

Training courses on Artificial Intelligence

Algoritmo Legal offers a set of specialised and practical courses on Artificial Intelligence and Law entirely in Spanish.

The programme of the courses is updated with the needs of the market and its contents are aligned with current topics on the subject. The teaching staff is made up of expert professionals working in the artificial intelligence sector, the practice of law, the world of big data and big science.
big data and data science.

#C1 - Course "Artificial Intelligence and its possible uses".

Abogados Inteligencia Artificial: Curso sobre IA y sus usos

Delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and acquire the essential knowledge to be able to function in the world of AI industry and business.

Modality: 100% online.

Duration: 40 hours.

Price: 1.000 € (TAX including).

(There is no charge for booking a place)

#C2 - Course "In-house for companies and public bodies".

Abogados Inteligencia Artificial: Curso in-house para empresas y organismos públicos

At Algoritmo Legal we design tailor-made courses, workshops and work sessions adapted to the needs of any private company or public sector organisation.

Modality: 100% online.

Duration: 50 hours.

Price: 1.200 € (TAX including).

(There is no charge for booking a place)

#C3 - Higher Programme in Trusted AI "Lawful, Ethical and Robust AI".

Abogados Inteligencia Artificial: Programa superior en IA fiable, lícita, ética y robusta

With the advanced programme in reliable, lawful, ethical and robust Artificial Intelligence you will be able to learn and understand all about the current legal regulation (Spanish, European and global) in the field of artificial intelligence.

Modality: 100% online.

Duration: 60 hours.

Price: 1.500 € (TAX including).

(There is no charge for booking a place)

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